Radium Springs

Radium Springs is the only one of the 7 Wonders of Georgia that we had not seen. At the end of April, we made our way down to Albany to check out this fascinating wonder.

Beautiful….Historic….Amazing…. are just a few words to describe this place. Back in the day, the crystal clear blue water was believed to have mystical powers. In the early 1900’s a restaurant was built along with some guest cottages surrounding the Spring and people came to vacation here and experience the mystical powers of the water. In 1927, a casino was built. Guess what? It wasn’t a gambling casino. A casino at that time was just a place with entertainment. After fire and a couple of floods, the casino was not repairable, so it was removed.

I was amazed at quite a number of facts about this place. Radium Springs is the largest natural spring in Georgia. It produces 70,000 gallons per minute. Can you say WOW? I did. There is a cave that is completely under water and extends 1532 feet underneath a state highway as well as other roadways and underneath houses.

While currently you can’t get in and enjoy the mystical powers or check out the cave; it is a beautiful place to visit. The rockwork around the spring and the garden area is breathtaking. While there, we witnessed a wedding, a girl having her graduation pictures taken, and a girl having her 21st birthday pictures taken. It was not crowded, but seemed to be the happening place.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. If you’ve not been there before, it is definitely a place to put on your bucket list of things to see in Georgia.


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