Getting My Steps in at Callaway Gardens

Enjoying nature is one of mine and my best friend’s favorite things to do. Now that the weather is cooling off just a bit, we decided it was time to get some steps in. Being that she has a season pass to get us in, we decided Callaway Gardens was the place to check out.

Not far from the entrance was a parking area for the Azalea Garden Overlook. We parked, jumped out of the car, and started walking. One of the first things we recognized was a picnic area that we had our senior pictures taken. Sweet memories came to mind of our entire class gathered for a group picture.

Our walk took us on pathways through the trees, the main roadway and the paved biking trails that ran throughout the park. We didn’t stress what path, road or trail we were on, we just enjoyed the scenery. While Spring brings a galla of colors, Fall has it’s own colors developing. There were flowers shining here and there. Beautiful greenery was seen throughout the wooded area; my favorite are the ferns. Then, of course, there were a few trees trying to show off the fall colors. Everywhere we walked was immaculate .

We made our way to the little chapel which had beautiful stained glass windows on all sides. What a beautiful place to have a small family wedding. As we left there, we made our way to the butterfly center. Disappointed that in the rush of getting out to walk, we left our masks in the car, so we were not able to go inside. We did walk around the outside and we could see the butterflies through the glass walls. They also had various mascots for college football made out of plants around the outside area.

We had been walking for quite a while and decided it was time to return to the car. After looking at the map on our phones, we knew that we needed to find a quicker route to get back. We made our way across the golf course to a bridge that crossed Mountain Creek Lake. As we got off the bridge we were able to find the path that would take us back to where we started. We totaled over 17,000 steps.

It was not crowded. We were able to enjoy the beauty that God created, breathe in clean air, and reset our minds. I love that peaceful kind of feeling a good walk gives you.

Of course, we when were done, we were hungry. Just wanted to shout out to the Iron Horse Grill in Pine Mountain for a great lunch. Good food, good music, and a great day with my bestie.


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