Hiking 2020 FDR State Park

So far we have enjoyed 3 trails at FDR State Park. In February we chose the Wolfden Trail. This trail was a bit difficult in that the terrain was rough in places and there a few extreme climbs. But all said and done it was refreshing, and it got the blood pumping 👣

There were several wooden bridges and wooden planks to walk on throughout this trail. We walked along a beautiful stream that had a few small waterfalls along the way. Our destination was Cascade Falls which was a great place for resting and eating a snack. We headed back the way we came instead of doing the full loop. Maybe one day I will make it back to do the loop. I would definitely rate this hike as a step above beginner but nowhere near advanced 👣

In May, we returned to FDR State Park and went inside the campground. We took the Delano Trail which was a short trail. It was very nice and shady, but such an easy walk left us wanting to continue, so we went forward with the Mountain Creek Nature Trail. This trail was 2-3 miles of mostly easy walking. We enjoyed the sounds of nature as well as beauty of the woods. These 2 trails are definitely great for someone getting their feel for hiking👣

We live about 45 minutes from FDR State Park. They have a number of trails to hike, so I look forward to returning and enjoying all that nature has to offer there 👣

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We are a couple who enjoy traveling throughout Georgia, experiencing all that our great State has to offer. From day trips to week-long camping, there is no adventure too large or small for us to tackle.

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