Why Camping?

While camping may not be for everyone, I love it for many reasons. I hope that I can encourage at least one person to give it a chance.  We started out tent camping, then upgraded to an old pop-up camper, and then purchased a new pull behind camper (also known as our rolling condo). 

Why do I call it my rolling condo?  I have all my amenities that I have at home or what I would have to rent a condo.  Our camper can accommodate 8-10 people.  It has a queen size bed for us.  It also has 2 full size bunks, a couch that lets down into a bed, and a table booth that lets down into a bed.  On top of having plenty of places to sleep, it also has it’s own toilet, shower/tub, vanity, oven, refrigerator, kitchen sink, microwave, and plenty of storage area.  And to top that off, it is ours.  I know how clean it is.  That’s just a good feeling.

Some may see camping as work, but I see it as a fun experience.  From planning the trip to reaching our destination, my husband and I are a team.  I plan the meals and make sure we have plenty of snacks.  I also make sure that we have plenty of clean towels, wash cloths, and dish towels, as well as the necessities for maintaining the cleanliness of the camper.  My husband packs the necessities for our outdoor area (small table, chairs, outdoor rug, grill, lights, bicycles, etc.).  And we each pack our clothes.  We each have our own roles hitching the camper to the truck as well as unhitching the camper at our destination and setting it up.  Working together helps get things done more quickly so that we can enjoy our trip to the fullest.

One thing I love about camping is the affordability.  This allows us to take 3-4 great trips a year, because we are not spending a ton on a place to stay.  We cook at the campsite most of the time, so the food doesn’t add to our cost because it’s what I already would buy for the week.  We can find free entertainment at the campground with hiking or biking.  We can find free entertainment by visiting nearby sites of interest.  Of course, we do pay to do some things that interest us. 

Not only is it affordable to camp, it also allows me to spend  quality time with my husband as well as anyone that chooses to take the trip with us.  Life is so hectic, that sometimes we don’t take the time we should with those we love the most.  Hanging together  on a camping trip allows us to communicate and truly enjoy each other’s company. 

Another great benefit of camping is the relaxation amongst God’s creation.  Every campground has a view from looking through trees and seeing wildlife to viewing a sunset over a body of water.  To me there’s nothing better to reset  my attitude than sitting outside, enjoying my morning coffee, and experiencing nature.  I have watched many squirrels gather something to eat and deer wandering through the woods.  At one campground, I really enjoyed a group of chickens wandering around searching for a kind heart to give them food. 

There are many other reasons I enjoy camping.  I hope that our future posts will inform of the places that we find special and why we enjoyed them.  I hope that we can report to you the things we have used and how well that they worked.  We are using this as a log of travels, but we hope for others to find enjoyment through our writings.


Published by Inside Georgia

We are a couple who enjoy traveling throughout Georgia, experiencing all that our great State has to offer. From day trips to week-long camping, there is no adventure too large or small for us to tackle.

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