Let’s Go Camping

Georgia is full of beauty. Our love for camping gives us the opportunity to take in all that Georgia has to offer. It is truly nature at it’s best from one end of the state to the other with beaches, mountains, swamplands, lakes, wildlife, rural and urban areas. Our hope is to influence others to get out and enjoy this state!

Let’s Go Hiking

From majestic views to the peaceful sound of a waterfall, hiking is my favorite hobby to bring me inner peace and reset my mind. Witnessing the beauty of every season brings so much joy. I get excited seeing flowers in full bloom in the Spring and Summer, as well as seeing the beautiful leaves in the fall. I’d like to help people experience the beauty and encourage them to get out and see it first hand.

Cooking, Eating Out, and Enjoying Unique Sites

We love to eat! Whether we are cooking at home or at the campsite, or we are enjoying a new restaurant; we want to give you recipes with a southern touch and give you options of new places to try. We also love to see old buildings, churches, or whatever we find unique in various towns or just out in a field. Traveling the roads of Georgia allows you to learn a bit of history or enjoy the creativity of others.

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